With the recent surge of COVID-19 cases in Orange County, all COVID-19 tests are available by appointment only. No walk-ins are accepted for COVID-19 tests until further notice. We are trying our best to safely accommodate as many patients as possible. Delays can happen because some visits are more complicated than others. Thank you for your understanding. Learn where and how to get the COVID 19 vaccination

​Appointments are required for all COVID testing - you can book an appointment as early as same day but no more than two days out as we have had too many no shows. Please prepare the

New Patient Registration Form

for your visit. All tests will require a clinical evaluation or office visit from the provider before the test is administered. If we are able to accept your insurance, the office visit can be processed through your insurance. Most insurances are waiving cost-sharing for the office visit if it meets medical necessity requirement. If you believe that you have been exposed to someone who tested positive to COVID 19, exposure should be at least 5 days before any testing. That’s how long it takes for it​ to be identified in the body. 


  • All tests below will require a mandatory clinical or office visit evaluation by the provider, including vital signs before the test is administered. 

  • All tests will be performed inside the facility.

Rapid Molecular(NAAT) Abbott ID Now

  • A nasopharyngeal swab test with results in 30 mins

  • The test is offered as self-pay only at $140. It will not be billed to the insurance

  • The test has received EUA from FDA and is authorized to be used to detect Sars-CoV-2 virus

  • The leading molecular point-of-care testing platform to detect coronavirus(COVID-19)

Rapid Antigen Test

  • A nasopharyngeal swab test with results in 30 minutes​

  • The test is offered as self-pay only at $90 for all patients. It will not be billed to insurance.

  • The test has received EUA from the FDA and is authorized to be used to detect the current presence of Sars-CoV-2 virus

  • This test performs best at the early stage of the infection when the viral load is at the highest.

Regular PCR Test (most results in 2-4 days)

  • A nasopharyngeal swab is performed and the specimen is sent to Quest or LabCorp.

  • Most insurance plans are covering the PCR test

Mandatory COVID-19 test for traveling

  • Patients are solely responsible to determine which tests are acceptable by the destination or airlines.

  • Hybrid MD is not responsible if patients are denied entry due to the tests performed, as specified by the patients.


Antibody Testing​​

  • This test requires a sample of the patient’s blood.

  • It is mostly used to determine if you have had a past infection of the virus

  • Coverage for this test varies by insurance plans. Please contact your insurance company.​

IMPORTANT INFO before your visit: 

  • Patients with no insurance

    • The office visit is $110

    • Rapid Test or Regular PCR test will be charged separately

    • If regular PCR test is chosen, the test is sent to Quest Lab. Quest lab may or may not charge you separately, depending on the available funds from the CARES Act.

    • If you are looking for a no-cost testing, please refer to Orange County Public Health website.

  • Kaiser patients

    • We are able to see Kaiser patients for COVID-19 related visits  

    • Please contact our office for more details.

  • CalOptima or Medi-Cal patients

    • Each plan is assigned a medical group or Independent Physician Affiliation (IPA).  

    • Currently we are only able to see patients whose plans are managed by Monarch Healthcare medical group

    • If you are unsure which group is managing your plan, we advise you to contact CalOptima/Medi-cal, your Primary Care provider, or your case manager directly. They will be able to provide further assistance and direct you to the right facility.

  • Patients with insurances that we are not contracted with

    • The office visit will be charged at $110

    • The regular PCR test is sent to Quest Lab. Quest Lab will bill your insurance separately.

    • Rapid Test will be charged separately

  • Please be advised that patients who DO NOT HAVE ANY SYMPTOMS with NO KNOWN OR POSSIBLE EXPOSURE, including patients who require a mandatory test for traveling, your visits may or may not be fully covered by your insurance plans.  We will continue to submit the claim on your behalf. However, the finalized cost-sharing will be determined by your insurance company.