Standard & Sports Physicals

Physicals Examination:

Physicals examination can Often times you don’t necessarily feel 100% about your health and you wonder what might be wrong. Your primary care office may not be able to see you right away, and it may take a few days or even weeks to finally see your primary care physician.

At Hybrid MD Urgent Care, in the Courtyards at Talega, San Clemente, we understand keeping up with your health can be difficult and at times, can require a significant amount of your valuable time. Reduce your waiting time and put your mind at ease by setting up an appointment with us, Hybrid MD Urgent Care. Hybrid MD Urgent Care in San Clemente offers our patients the standard physical examination, blood work and urinalysis, depending on your symptoms. All the results can be forwarded to your primary care physician upon request. Let us put our time and effort into answering your health concerns and properly guide you back to the healthy YOU!

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Sports Physicals:

Sports Physicals Hybrid MDSports have become part of our daily routine from a father who plays catch with his child, a mother who drives her child to the practice, or even a whole family plans a gathering to watch their loved ones competing, LIVE or on TV; we cannot deny how much sports affect our lives, emotionally and physically.

Playing sports has proven to be essential to build and enhance skills such as teamwork, discipline and camaraderie, all the crucial elements in developing a well-rounded person.

However, it is imperative to understand your current threshold and ability to participate in any sports to avoid any complications in the future. Parents want their children to be absolutely prepared and healthy before participating in any sports, and an individual may want to ascertain their health is in a top form.

At Hybrid MD Urgent Care, we offer sports physicals, also known as pre-participation physical examinations, for both high schools and colleges. We recommend you setting up the appointment 6-8 weeks before the season starts, so that if any treatment is required, you may have ample time to be prepared.

Dr. Jairam does all the sports physicals because we want to make sure your health is in good hands. We can forward the results of your sports physical toSports Physicals Football Hybrid MD your primary care physician or school. Trust Hybrid MD Urgent Care to help you unlock your full potential.

Hybrid MD  Urgent Care in San Clemente is currently offering both, standard physical and sports physical in San Clemente, Ladera Ranch, Rancho Mission Viejo, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano and all the neighborhoods in South Orange County

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