Urgent Care Cash Visit

Introducing Self-Pay Discount Program at Hybrid MD Urgent Care.

Insurance plans can be confusing and the premiums are incredibly expensive.

Find out how we can help reduce some of your medical cost.

Most subscribers prefer to choose the most affordable premium plans. Unfortunately, most individual or family insurance plans ( i.e. Bronze or some Silver Plans), the subscribers may have to pay massive amount of deductibles before your plan benefits become active.

For our guests who are out of town visitors, HMO plan subscribers,  infrequent visitors to medical center, HMO, POS, EPO or PPO subscribers with very high deductibles, our Cash Visit Discount Program is the perfect solution.

Some people might think that going to the Emergency Room is the only option you have. However, what we often forget is that a trip to ER, if it is deemed  “NON-EMERGENCY” visit, patients may or may not be fully responsible for the majority of the bill. Additionally, certain insurance plans refuse to cover the “NON-EMERGENCY” visit, resulting in patients with significant out of pocket expense, which can be between $500-$2000.

On the other hand, any  general illnesses such as common cold, flu, small lacerations, sprains & strains and urinary tract infection can be treated at Hybrid MD Urgent Care. By taking advantage of our Urgent Care Cash Visit Discount Program, you as our patients will receive the same level of medical treatment with less money withdrawn from your bank account.

If you opt for our Cash Visit or Self Pay Option, please note that Hybrid MD Urgent Care will not process your visit through your insurance. Upon request, we will provide an invoice to you at Checkout if you wish to submit your fees to your insurance company. We highly recommend this step. Most insurance companies will be able to apply your out of pocket expense in our facility towards your insurance deductibles or out of pocket maximum.


Urgent Care Cash Visit versus Emergency Care Visit

At Hybrid MD Urgent Care, our cash visit or self-pay prices are competitive with any HMO deductible plans. We want our guests to avoid the significant wait and the expensive costs from visiting the Emergency Room for non-threatening symptoms or illnesses. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by visiting us at Hybrid MD Urgent Care.

NOTE: Some of us may not know this, but do you know most Insurance Plans will apply your cash visit fees at any urgent care towards your annual deductibles or Out of Pocket Maximum? Contact your insurance company to find out if you are eligible. Simply request an invoice for your visit. Our Front Desk Staff will be very happy to assist you.

The following is some of our Urgent Care cash visit prices as compared to ER visit:

Best Urgent Care Price San Clemente

Your illnesses or injuries are not listed above? Don’t worry. Call us at (949) 429 1919. Our Staff will be very happy to assist and answer your questions. If you are still not sure about our program, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for further details regarding Hybrid MD Urgent Care Cash Visit Discount Program.




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