Occupational Medicine San Clemente

Occupational Medicine

Let us help you with your Occupational Medicine services!

Our San Clemente Urgent Care offers the most efficient occupational medicine services because we understand your employees are your most significant asset. Located in the heart of South Orange County, Hybrid MD Urgent Care is conveniently accessible to all businesses in San Clemente, Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Only Board Certified Doctors will examine the injuries, therefore, we are confident your employees will receive the utmost care and treatment in our facility. Because we want you to gain better access to medical care, our Office is open at 9am every day. Progress reports, work status note or drug screening results are also  available on the same day.

If you prefer to take a tour of our facility before making any decision, the option is available. Please feel free to contact us to set up an appointment. Our practice administrator and chief medical officer will be available to answer any of you questions during the tour.

Choose between these two services:

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation services consist of Treatment of work-related injuries. We can bill the Insurance companies for any workers’ compensation cases . For any First Aid services, we also have the option to bill the Employers directly.

Please click the link above to learn more about Workers’ Compensation services offered by Hybrid MD Urgent Care in San Clemente.


Employer-Paid Services

Employer Paid Services or EPS offered by Hybrid MD Urgent Care consist of:

Work Physical, TB Test, Fit-for-Duty or Medical Release Physical and In-House Drug Screening. Every EPS service is customizable to fit each Employer’s needs.

Please click the link above to learn more about Employer Paid Services by Hybrid MD Urgent Care in San Clemente.

Hybrid MD Urgent Care in San Clemente is in full compliance with the latest rules and regulations with the State of California Labor Code. Our mission is to provide the best medical services possible to ensure the faster path  to recovery for your employees. If your employees require further specialized treatment, we are able to manage their care thru varieties of medical specialists locally. Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Pain Management and Orthopedics are a few examples.

Hybrid MD Urgent Care commitment is to deliver the best medical service to your employees. In addition, we aim to facilitate local businesses with any work related medical needs. Our treating physicians are also able to provide work modifications for each workers’ compensation case, if it deemed necessary.

We offer a range of services under Employer-Paid Services. Our services include  Drug Screening, Non-DOT Work or Standard Physical, PPD or TB test, or even Fit-for-Duty Physical. For more information please click Employer-Paid Services link above.

Besides EPS services, Hybrid MD Urgent Care Workers’ Compensation is also one of the best medical facilities in San Clemente. Furthermore, we are fully credentialed with most major workers’ compensation insurances. A few examples are Anthem, Coventry, Corvel, Zurich, AIG, Sedgwick, Liberty Mutual, The Hartford and Gallagher-Bassett. However, if  you want to know if we are an in-network provider, please feel free to contact us directly.