Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a procedure to remove any unwanted hair from specific locations on the body. Hybrid MD Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, in the Courtyards at Talega, San Clemente offers laser hair removal for various parts of the body, including mouth, face, neck, underarms, arms, hands, legs, bikini lines, chest, abdominal and back area. We have a universal laser that works on ALL skin types. Rest assured, all laser hair removal procedures are performed by Dr. Jairam, this is a rarity today.

laser hair removal for woman san clemente hybrid mdThe procedure can take between 15-30 min depending on the area being treated. Multiple treatments (usually 4-5) will be necessary to achieve about 98% total hair removal in the targeted area. Some people may need more depending on their response to the laser. While laser hair removal can be done on any skin type, the treatment will be the most effective at removing a darker hair color.

By implementing the latest laser hair removal technology, Hybrid MD may reduce your treatment time significantly with a much better result. The technology immensely increases the versatility of the treatment with much more precision such as around the area of the mouth and eyes. Our laser greatly lessens the time needed to complete each procedure (especially around the legs and back area). Finally the laser has the capability to customize the perfect setting for any type of skin.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, Hybrid MD, to schedule a complimentary consultation. At Hybrid MD Laser & Aesthetic Medicine, we believe every patient is unique. Therefore, during the 1-on-1 meeting, you can direct all your questions and concerns to Dr. Jairam. From there, Dr. Jairam will customize a personalized treatment plan to maximize the desired result.

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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser Hair Removal has slowly become more popular with men lately. When you are always on the go, spending time shaving your beard and moustache can be quite a hassle. Sometimes when hair grows around the hard-to-get area, such as the back of the neck, shoulder or the entire back of the body, it can be a real challenge to maintain. When you are a single man or  just to embarrass to ask anyone to help shaving you, laser hair removal is the perfect solution!

laser hair removal for men san clemente hybrid md

Don’t struggle with the shaving. Hybrid MD is here to help you. We can plan your treatment to fit your busy schedule. Come and talk to Dr. Jairam and find out how he can assist you!

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